Items to help you celebrate delivered to your door every month

Each month HolidaysGiving celebrates a new season or holiday. Get items to decorate your house each month without the extra work of having to find them. 

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Easy to order

Select which plan you prefer and checkout. Skip or cancel at any time. Options available to gift the surprise as well.

Delivered Monthly

Each month surprises arrive. Boxes ship the last week of the month.

Fits any household

Whether you live alone or have 10 people in your house, these items in your monthly surprise help liven up your home with the ease of custom decorations for celebrations.

Be a happier you

Allow yourself at least one part of the month to be spoiled and make your house more festive.

What is the Monthly Holiday Box?

The Monthly Holiday Box is meant to help you decorate your home for each holiday or season throughout the year, without having to put in the additional effort of finding items each month.  We noticed with everyone being so busy, it is difficult to plan each month and still get together with family and friends sometimes. HolidaysGiving is on a mission to find items that help brighten your home with a little cheer each month and still be eco-friendly and simple enough so anyone can keep up. Have a get together and show off your themed items while enjoying the company.

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Decide if you want to try a month-to-month plan or if you want to pre-purchase multiple months at once. 

2. We curate your box

Depending on the holiday or season being celebrated, different items will come each month. there will be 4-7 items included in each box to decorate with. Some months there could be "special buys" in the boxes that do not decorate your home, but liven up your life.

3. Enjoy

Plan a celebration with your family and friends, enjoy your home alone, set up a great picture area with your surprises each month, and more. You choose what you do with your surprises. The possibilities go on and on.

What's inside the box?

Holiday decor boxes will include 4-6 items that can be used to decorate your home, and help you celebrate each month. Some months there will be "special buys" such as personal items to help you celebrate.

The boxes are not curated with party items, but more for festiveness and surprises each month, even if you can guess the holiday or season before you receive your box. Some items may be used at celebrations but it all depends on the month and theme.

Our kitchen towel subscription has 2 towels and an extra surprise. Arrives monthly.

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What people are saying about HolidaysGiving

This box is so fun and unique! I find that each box has the perfect blend of classic and trendy items to get me in the holiday spirit! This would be a well thought gift also.

Krystal Z

This is such a fun unboxing! I love being able to treat myself! 

Cassie D

So excited about this box! Love that I can order something for every holiday! #holidaysgiving is something that can give me what I need for every month!

Emma B