60 Ways to Use Tea Towels

  1. To dry your hands- tea towels are very absorbent so they can dry your hands.
  2. To dry dishes- great for not leaving lint 
  3. To dust- tea towels don't leave lint like other towels do and you can pick up the dust. Wash once you are done dusting and this eliminates wastes
  4. To clean windows and mirrors- since tea towels don't leave lint like other towels do, they are great for cleaning windows and mirrors also.
  5. To remove stains- carpets especially, when using a tea towel, stain remover, and heat, you can eliminate and reduce stains well
  6. Decoration- what we love our towels for!
  7. Napkins- use tea towels as napkins for guests. There is plenty of space for them to use in a tea towel, so they don't need your entire supply of napkins or paper towels in one night and they are so easy to clean.
  8. Place mats- helps add some decor while cleaning at the same time. When they get dirty, they are easy to clean and they give your table a unique  and fresh look when decorating.
  9. To keep dinner rolls or other food warm- wrap your food with the tea towel and help it stay warm before everyone eats. Bonus: using a towel to keep your food warm will help prevent the food from becoming soggy as the tea towel absorbs condensation.
  10. To line a dish-  whether you have a dish you are trying to cover up from scratches, spots, or stains, or you just want to add a little touch, lining your dish with a tea towel adds that extra touch when serving food.
  11. To line stored dishes, pots and pans, and more- tea towels are great for helping you store kitchen items that can scratch, chip, or break. Add them in your cabinets and drawers in between these items to help with the storing process.
  12. To dry salad- When your salad is wet from being washed and you need to dry it off, use a tea towel.  
  13. Also keep salad crisp- after washing your salad if you are not eating it right away, leave the leaves in the towel and place in an airtight container
  14. As a grocery bag- for those who love crafts and new fun ideas, use a couple tea towels to sew together to use as a reusable grocery bag. How many uses can you think of for grocery bags? Now take those uses and apply them to your tea towel bag for less wastes and a reusable, washable bag.
  15. To prevent a cutting board or dish from slipping- When you are trying to chop or cut on your cutting board, dampen the tea towel and place it under the cutting board for a better grip on the counter.
  16. To strain something- you can use a tea towel to strain. If straining something hot, be sure to use caution and proper techniques to not burn yourself.
  17. Pot holder- fold up the tea towel and use it as a pot holder to grab warm and hot dishes. Always test out the towel as a pot holder for a second or 2 and make sure there is a protection to your hands. Use caution and always follow proper procedures when dealing with hot items. 
  18. Polish silverware
  19. Let bread rise- cover the bread with a tea towel and let it stand for the desired amount of time.
  20. Go green and eliminate paper towels- Use tea towels to wipe up messes, clean counters, and clean cutting boards and knives when cooking.
  21. Use a tea towel when cooking to wipe your hands- It is best to always have a towel used when cooking and a clean towel for hand drying only. Tea towels make great towels you can use to cook with to wipe hands, wipe cooking utensils, wipe spills, and more.
  22. Use it as a trivet- fold a tea towel and use it as a trivet while cooking, serving, and cooling.
  23. Use it as a bib- who said babies were the only humans that need bibs? Tea towels work great as bibs. Fold in half and tuck into your collar. When done eating, wipe your hands and throw the bib into the wash for a great cleaning.
  24. Use as shelf paper- use tea towels to line cabinets and drawers instead of shelf paper
  25. Line a slow cooker lid- use a tea towel to line a slow cooker lid. This is great to reduce condensation dripping back into the dish
  26. Tea cozy- use a tea towel to keep your tea warm. It serves a double purpose when you set your tea pot down as a cozy and a trivet, keeping your tea warm, and your counter top safer. 
  27. To hold very hot or cold drinks and keep the temperature- using the tea towel for more than keeping tea warm, use a tea towel as a koozie to keep your drinks hot or cold. Cold drinks that leave condensation on the outside can use a tea towel to absorb that condensation. 
  28. For kids during projects and experiments- use a tea towel as a table cloth when your kids are working on projects or experiments. If they spill something, the tea towel can absorb it, and when you are done, you can use the towel to wipe up anything that was outside the towel's area. 
  29. Hair towels- Once you wash your hair, use a tea towel to absorb the excess water and help your hair dry faster
  30. Over the arms of chairs and sofas- for decoration and for keeping your furniture clean
  31. Line a purse or backpack- use tea towels to line a purse or backpack that you know is going to get dirty so moisture and dirt gather in the towel. Remove the towel and wash it, while your purse and backpack stay clean, then insert the towel once clean again.
  32. Use in cup holders- cut your tea towel into smaller pieces and line your cup holders so when the bottle sweats, the towel absorbs the moisture and doesn't drip on you
  33. Aprons- for those who are creative and like to sew, use a few tea towels and sew together to make an apron.
  34. Table Runners- sew a few tea towels together and use them in the center of your table. Our HolidaysGiving decorative tea towels would be great for the ends of your table runners.
  35. Curtains for small kitchen windows- tea towels are great for bringing in light at your kitchen window, while still providing some privacy. Change them out each month with our HolidaysGiving tea towels for extra spark and celebration.
  36. Pillow covers and shams- use tea towels as pillow covers or shams. They wash easily if they get dirty too.
  37. Doilies- Use tea towels as doilies for end tables, night stands, under your jewelry boxes, and any other surface you want a little protection on. They work great in dusting the table, protecting from scratches, and adding some color if your tea towels are decorated.
  38. Canvas for painting- use tea towels as a canvas for painting
  39. Canvas for cross-stitching or embroidery
  40. Canvas for photos- wrap a tea towel around a frame and place the photo on top. The tea towel gives the photo a different frame to look at.
  41. Make a tote bag or drawstring bag- these will be some of the easiest bags to clean when they get dirty
  42. For fun activities with kids- tie-dye the tea towels with kids or even yourself and use the towels to clean with. This is a fun tip for kids so they have fun coloring their towels, but then they have a fun canvas to use when they need to complete their chores. Another great tip is to give each child certain colors so they have their own towels to use and you know who is cleaning and who is not. (we recommend only using these dyed towels for dusting in case the color starts to come out with certain cleaners)
  43. Gift wrap- use a tea towel as gift wrap, perfect for kitchen gifts, spa gifts, bath gifts, and more. Reducing paper wastes, and you can add the towel as part of the gift.
  44. Line a gift basket with a tea towel- instead of using paper shred or bubble wrap, you can line the gift basket or certain items with a tea towel for a unique touch and the recipient can use the towel. This also acts as a booster in gift baskets when you need a smaller item to stay at the same level of your other gifts.
  45. Ice packs- wrap some ice in a tea towel and use it as an ice pack. The towel will absorb the water well and you can wash the towel after
  46. Moving- use tea towels to wrap breakables when moving. This eliminated wastes while also protecting your breakables
  47. Cloth diapers or burp cloths
  48. Cleaning cloth in the car- since the dashboard gets so much dust, you can use the tea towels to wipe away the dust and detail your car. Store them in seat pockets or the glove box and use them when needed.
  49. Picnics- take tea towels on picnics with you to use as a napkin, a place mat, a sitting mat, or to put your serving dishes on.
  50. Sporting events- use a tea towel to wipe down sporting event seats when wet or dirty. They are the perfect size to put in your backpack or purse for any time they are needed.
  51. Gym towel- Tea towels absorb well, so use as a gym towel the next time you need to  wipe your face or body.
  52. Lap cover- for the times you need to eat quickly in the car, use a tea towel as a lap cover to avoid getting your clothes dirty. When you are done eating, all the crumbs in your lap are caught by the tea towel and you have an easy clean up
  53. Rain wipe- keep a tea towel in the car for the days you forget your umbrella. Use the tea towel to clean off once you have gotten rained on.
  54. Line the kitchen drawers- line tea towels in your kitchen drawers or on the shelves to  help with the clean up when there is a mess. Simply change out the towels and wash the dirty ones
  55. Drip dry surfaces- place a tea towel under a drip dry surface to soak up the moisture and avoid slippery surfaces
  56. Pets- use tea towels to wipe off pet paws and fur after baths, rainy days, and muddy moments
  57. Pet bowl towels- use a tea towel to clean out pet bowls
  58. Pet toys- wipe down pet toys with a tea towel
  59. Kid's toys- wipe down kids toys with tea towels to help dust and clean them
  60. Garden plant liners- line the planters in your garden and around your house with tea towels

Remember to always follow safety instructions and when around heat and cooking, be observant of the surroundings and where you place your towels.