Helping People Celebrate Each Month Is What We Do

Do you like home decor? Do you get tired of feeling like your home is never complete? Do you like celebrating American holidays and seasons? Try out our box to help you decorate your home and celebrate each month. You could even get some "special buys" with personal items too.


Welcome to HolidaysGiving!

HolidaysGiving subscription boxes are themed around popular American holidays and seasons. We launched early in 2019 and our goal is to help you celebrate. Our story starts when we realized life makes schedules so busy and difficult to celebrate the fun in life sometimes with our friends and family. We needed a solution to that. Also solving the problem of having to go out and buy a cart full of items for every single celebration you want leads to more time with family and friends during those celebrations for some quality fun. Our goal is to add some festivity to life, at least once a month, and help you celebrate!

Meet some of the small businesses we have partnered with.

Returning Grace

We are obsessed with this store and all of their custom towels, pillow covers, and more. Even better is their owners are so kind.

Pictured is the towel used in our Spring box.

Variety is LIfe

These leprechaun hats can be used any year for St. Patrick's Day. Variety is Life has so many fun wooden home decor options and they look amazing.

Dips N' More

These dips went perfectly for the CInco de Mayo box in helping celebrate. The team at Dips N' More was helpful too. 

How it all started

Simply put, the story has many layers . We wanted a chance to be able to celebrate each month with others and help them celebrate. We wanted to provide opportunities for people to gather with their loved ones. We wanted a chance to support small businesses. We want and aim to get the chance to donate a portion of our proceeds to those in need. We want to get to a point where we are staples in the celebration community and encourage others to celebrate often. Happy Celebrating!

In the beginning...

HolidaysGiving had so many ideas we wanted to cover them all at once. We know that doesn't always work so we are focusing on our first passion. Home decor and personal items to help you celebrate American holidays and seasons throughout the year. 

Where we are today...

We are focusing on items that can be used in your home and allow you to spend 5-10 minutes to store the previous month's items and add the new items to your home in the best places possible. We include small businesses' products in our assortment of items and try to find the best items available for decorating homes and making it feel complete.